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Are you struggling to find some link building campaign inspiration? If you are doing SEO and link building and looking for some help resources, you need to check out this amazing mega list of slides that would help you start your campaign on the right step. 1. Link Building by Imitation First in our list is this ever useful Link Building by Imitation from Ross Hudgens, presented at Link Love London. This presentation is nifty and it reminds us...

Is your content linkable? Linkability – the ability of your content, page, asset, or website to get or earn backlinks. Let’s face it, everyone is going crazy about content, it is always the king! Content consumerism is at its peak right now and safe to say up to next 5 years or so. Content is the game changer if you want to succeed in the digital space. People are looking for help and information, it influence decision-making purchases...