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We know that every business has its own unique selling proposition. Therefore, we create bespoke digital marketing strategies and campaigns for each and every client we have.





We helped this XYZ business grow its traffic and revenue up to 250% in just a short period of time.


We helped the business increase their keyword volume on organic search by creating a scalable content and link building strategy.

There is no difficult keyword to conquer. We created a plan that focuses on low-hanging fruits and keyword opportunities that matters for XYZ business.

We helped the business increase its traffic visits by scaling up content and targeting keywords that has good to reliable amount of volume.

Read the campaign story below


The Client Dilemma

We had this XYZ client under our accounts for more than 8 months now. Here is the story of how we helped them become an established authority on their ``overcrowded`` business niche, increased their revenue by 250%, and deliver them results beyond their expectations (The same way we can do it for you).

Campaign Hurdles

The client is in an overcrowded niche that is highly competitive and often the competition is relying on link spam to rank on keyword searches. Also, the client's website does not have the content to position its self on keywords searches that drives traffic.

Current Situation

At that time, the client's website generates an average of $4,000 in revenue per month. Though he knew that he can still increase his revenue, he didn’t know how to make it possible. He already hired an SEO consultant, but to his dismay, nothing positive is happening for months.

They Needed Help

“We are looking for someone who can help our business and website do well on keyword searches. A provider or agency that is flexible and affordable on our minimal resources yet provide quality work that can help the business”. The client told us.

Where We Came In

We knew we can help him! We offered a pay-per-work link building (unlike other agencies who charge you for BS bulk work), giving our clients that early confidence that they will only spend money on efforts that can help their business and maximize the resources at the same time.

Read the campaign strategy below


Here's Our Campaign Strategy

We created a strategy that focused on the client's sustainable success. We created a content-based scalable link building strategy that fit their website and focused more on providing the content for their target traffic.

Analyze & Discover

We believe that every campaign is unique. On this XYZ business, we consulted with them first, set goals and KPI that are aligned with their industry and company vision. We made sure that we understand everything before we create a strategy.

Improve Quality

We conducted a website audit and improved the quality of the website. We identified the pages that drive revenue and setup content pages that are high quality and linkable. We made sure that we match and beat competing websites to start.

Strategize & Create

We created a scalable content development and link building strategy for the client. We proof the linkability of these assets as we map content development. We then started setting up rich-content pages and use them as bait to linkers.

Outreach & Linking

We positioned everything and assigned a team of 3 specialists for this campaign. They worked on scaling the links and content of the client site, pitch content partnerships to relevant sites and go back and forth in securing links.

See the campaign results below


We Measure The Results

A strategy won't work if we just rinse and repeat everything without having to collect data about the campaign. We were able to provide the client with a steady growth of 6 digits worth of traffic (estimated traffic cost at 96.8K), doubling the keywords and tripling the keyword volume of the site.


By improving their website architecture and content quality, we increased their keyword volume from 1,800 to 6,600 keywords. Increasing their visibility on online searches.

With increase in keywords, we were able to up their traffic volume from an average of 600 per month to 13,000 monthly. Visibility on keyword searches, referrals and more.

The traffic cost that we were able to drive on the site is at staggering $96,800 (worth of paid ads spending). Whilst the client only spent less than $10k to our organic campaign.




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