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We know you have questions about our digital marketing service. On this page, we try to offer the best answers to your most frequently asked questions.


How do you start a digital campaign?

Here in GoBiggr, we value the importance of process. To start, we do an intensive research first about the product and its competition before we start devising a plan. We do a technical website audit to make sure that the website is ready for marketing. We don’t just jump straight ahead and gamble, we plan and we make sure that everything is on the right path.

Can SEO really help my business?

We understand the importance of your investment and therefore we only use ethical and professional SEO strategies that can help your business moving forward. No hidden secretive techniques and no time wasting.

Is link building safe for my website?

Links still attributes to 50% of the search ranking signals that search engines use to position webpages online. Right now, Google has been publicly fighting link spam and handing out penalties to webmasters who commit violations to manipulate search results. The webmaster guidelines set by search engines are ever changing and therefore there is no guarantee that a link is 100% safe.

Our only guarantee is that we strive hard to make sure that all of the links that we build for you is safe. We help you develop “link-ability” before we even start building links. We don’t just submit and forget to give you links. We make content and links work together.

Do you offer link building packages?

We don’t offer link building packages since we are a pay-per-link link building agency. Though we need you to sign our basic contract, still we regret to tell you that we don’t sell links on packages (it doesn’t make sense). Our links comes from bespoke link building strategy that we create exclusively for your website and therefore we can only commit to the high-quality work that we promised to deliver.

Do you offer white-label link building?

Yes, if you are a digital agency or a link building company who need help on building high-quality links that are content powered and outreach based, we can definitely help you! Over the years, we have discreetly partnered with agencies in the US and UK to help them on their link building and acquisition. We can cover for you!

What digital marketing tools do you use?

We don’t automate things. We do use tools to work efficiently – tools like BuzzStream for outreach management, SEMrush, Majestic and Ahrefs for link research and analysis, BuzzSumo for influencer research and content discovery. We also use Trello for project management. Other than that, we use tools to give you the best results for your campaign.

Do you guarantee SERPS rankings?

Your website or page ranking is influenced by different factors. Link building is only a part of the whole; you still have to work out all 200 ranking factors set by Google. According to a study, link building is effective to gain rankings in the initial phase of the process, but as it progresses, there are other factors that had to be considered. Link building however, can greatly influence your ranking positively, or negatively. Here at GoBiggr, we guarantee that the links we provide can positively influence your rankings, but we are not accounted for other factors that can also influence your rankings.

What reports do you send?

We send in campaign reports weekly and monthly for full digital marketing clients. We send in PDF’s that showcase the efforts done, its effects including goals completed, valuable traffic data, stats, following, social-proof metrics, and date comparisons.

For link building campaign, in your report, you will see the URL where your website has been linked to, valuable metrics that denote its quality, along with the specifics such as link type, anchor text, and target URL. It’s that simple! No more complicated graphs  only the things you want and need to see.

What is my Return-on-Investment (ROI)?

While GoBiggr strive hard to help your website gain traction SERP and marketing-wise, there’s no definite ROI other than your feedback. Usually, these are measured by ranking changes, traffic influence, or just your website’s link profile. We usually work hand-in-hand with a company’s marketing representative, that’s why it’s mostly their opinion that matters for us.

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